Bruichladdich, a small, entrepreneurial distillery on the remote Hebridean island of Islay, has launched its first community support effort in the US to aid America’s independent restaurant industry as it faces severe crisis due to the impacts of Covid-19.


Starting February 8, 2021, Bruichladdich —the maker of Port Charlotte, Octomore and Bruichladdich single malts— will donate $5.00 for every bottle and $1 for every cocktail they sell in the US to the James Beard Foundation’s Open For Good campaign, ending March 31st 2021.


Open For Good was set up by the James Beard Foundation in March 2020 to help independent restaurants, and the entire ecosystem they support — farmers, producers, distributors and local communities — survive the effects of the pandemic, rebuild better and thrive for the long term.


When Bruichladdich was reopened in 2001 by a passionate group of independent investors, the struggling company was rebuilt on a pledge to revive the decimated local township with a community-orientated business philosophy that remains at the core of everything it does.


Today, despite being the third smallest of nine distilleries on Islay (population 3,500), Bruichladdich thrives as the island’s largest private employer and last year, in its commitment to community-based business principles, it became the world’s first and only scotch maker to qualify for B Corp status.

Through this campaign, our aim is donate up to $50,000.00.

Want to show more support, please visit Open For Good Donate Here